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  • Sunglasses Strap for All | Luxe Performance cable strap is perfect for sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Durable temple grip and high tension adjusters ensure a secure fit for sports or everyday life.
  • Adaptable and Adjustable | Not just an adjustable glasses strap, it's a lifestyle. Choose from various lengths for a great fit every time. Never worry about losing your glasses, live the adventure!
  • Multiuse Eyewear Retainer | Adjustable glasses strap not just for sunglasses. Great accessory for prescription eyewear or glasses. Must-have accessory for men and women that value comfort and quality.
  • Style and Comfort | Available in a range of color options, this eyewear retainer combines quality, comfort, and style. Easy to adjust and has no tail, making it the perfect accessory for your glasses.
  • Lifetime Warranty | We believe in the quality of our product. That's why it comes with a lifetime warranty. Meaning you can enjoy the comfort and durability of our glasses strap without worry.

Luxe Performance

Luxe Performance Eyewear Cable Strap 16"

$12.99 USD

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