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Make your SUP Experience 10x Better with this Small and Inexpensive Accessory

Posted on July 31 2019

Make your SUP Experience 10x Better with this Small and Inexpensive Accessory

Are you an avid standup paddle boarder? Then there is nothing like being out on the water. This is particularly fantastic early in the morning when the sun rises over the horizon. But we bet you would have run into a problem at least once here, and that is with your sunglasses.

Most SUPs would never risk taking their sunglasses out onto the water and we completely understand why. All it takes is one unexpected wave to knock you off your board. Then, you get that sinking feeling as you notice that your expensive sunglasses have sunk into the abyss. The good news is that we now have a preventive tool for that. With the Luxe Performance sunglasses strap, you can keep your glasses secure and you can stop squinting at the distance. Instead, you will finally be able to fully enjoy your time out on the water.


Different Than The Typical Strap

Did you just ask what makes this strap different from others you can buy? Well, they are designed to be light, fashionable and durable. You don’t have to worry about looking silly while wearing them. They are comfortable too. They come with a feature that enables you some quick adjustments to ensure that your sunglasses fit snuggly. You see; the Luxe Performance sunglasses strap provides the absolute perfect fit for every stand up paddleboarder. On top of all these, they are so light you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

Of course, when you step inside a shack for a bite to eat or a cold drink between paddles, you probably take off your sunglasses when you walk inside. Well, the good news is you can do this, without any worry about misplacing them if you use the Luxe Performance sunglasses strap. They will hang easily around your neck without any issues at all.


Avoid The Expense 

Let’s face it, losing sunglasses can be expensive. Some SUPs will spend hundreds on the perfect pair of sunglasses only to have them get smashed or lost in the ocean waves. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no hope of finding them again once they fall into the water. But with the Luxe Performance sunglasses strap, such losses are averted. Your investment is protected.


Fantastic Functioning

While we are delighted to say that this sunglass strap will keep you looking cool while you relish on water, it also provides practical benefits too. You don’t have to worry about this strap failing you at the worst possible time. Instead, it will keep your sunglasses secure throughout any SUP trip. Even when you get knocked off your board or go underneath the water, your sunglasses are guaranteed to stay firmly in place. 


Made With You In Mind

The main issue with sunglass straps is that they are not typically made for people who spend hours on the ocean or lake. They are made for tourists who may paddle every once in a while. That is where the Luxe Performance sunglasses strap is completely different. It is designed for people like you who love the ocean and are regularly dismounted by big waves. No matter how good we are. We all fall off at some point. This strap will withstand the full force of the water when you are out on your paddleboard.

With the Luxe Performance sunglasses strap, you can say goodbye for good to losing your glasses while standup paddleboarding. Millions of sunglasses are lost to lakes, oceans, and rivers every year but with this simple product, your favorite pair won’t be next.

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