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The Real-Life Story Of The Humble Beginning of Luxe Performance

Luxe Performance was not merely another rapid-fire business idea that was thought up in a corporate “think tank”. It was founded on the need for a solution to a real problem. Imagine this: It is a bright sunny day at your hometown lake. You are having fun on the jet ski & you take the turn a little too sharp & end up in the water. You get yourself back on the jet ski & find that your favorite sunglasses are now missing!! You are extremely frustrated because this might be the third pair you have lost to the lake. Well, you guessed it! This is a true story & the reason that Luxe Performance was created.


It was at that frustrating time that we had the big “AHA!” moment that eventually became the catalyst behind what has now become Luxe Performance. We just knew this had to be a problem ALL over the world. The sadness of losing your sunglasses & then the hurtful hit to the wallet when you buy a new pair. We could not be the only ones. Solving our own problem would hopefully solve others. We knew there were other sunglass straps on the market already, but they were not only long & bulky, but they could also be annoying & downright ugly. It seemed like every type of sunglass strap was the exact same. That is when we had the idea to make sunglass straps that not only looked much better, but were also a lot more functional, sleek, & also easily adjustable. This way you could quickly adjust the strap as needed. Riding the jet ski, you can tighten them as much as you possible, but for everyday use, you can keep them looser & hang your glasses around your neck when you are not wearing them. You will never leave your glasses on the restaurant table or anywhere else again because they’ll always be with you!



After a lot of trial & error, & a lot of testing, we have truly perfected the most stylish & highly functional sunglass straps on the planet. Our premium sunglass straps are made to look great, feel amazing, & help keep your sunglasses from getting ripped off your head no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. We’re passionate about not only what we do here at Luxe Performance, but we also put this same love & passion into every single product we produce as well to keep our loyal customers satisfied & happy!