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We not only believe in creating superior products, but we also take great pride in ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction as well. If your Luxe Performance straps ever arrive with any type of damage, defect or problem that’s our fault, let us know and we’ll happily replace your items quickly and at NO COST to you. This is the Luxe Performance Promise and guarantee. 

✔ Quick & Easy Adjustments

✔ No More Lost Sunglasses

✔ Light, Durable, & Fashionable

Lost & Broken Strap Replacements

Too busy taking life in that you lost your Luxe strap? That's okay, we get it.

If this ever happens to your Luxe Performance straps, let us know and we’ll replace them for FREE.

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"These straps held fast through strenuous hikes and crashing waves. I don’t have to pay attention to my glasses, and can instead focus on having fun, all in full comfort. I thoroughly enjoy the comfort and peace of mind so much that I now wear this strap every day."

Anna Som

"I've owned several of these cable-type holders, and this is the best by far. Super secure fit, the slide mechanism is taunt and stays in place when altered, and my two favorites: it secures very comfortably and snuggly to the head when you need it tight, and when loose the overall length is short enough that the slack cable is never bouncing around, bothering your neck, or getting in the way."


"I think this is a really useful product for people who are wearing sunglasses all the time. The adjustable cord that allows you to tighten them are very useful if you are worried about losing your sunglasses especially when out on the lake in a boat or jet-ski, these stayed on all day."


"This cable retainer is as superlative as the Crystal Blue Oakley prescription lenses they adorn. Lightweight to the point that they are scarcely noticeable the Luxe cable quietly goes about the important business of securing $700 glasses. The rubber attachment points provide a cushion between eyeglass legs and your ears for added comfort. The Luxe cable also saved me adjustment tweaks to keep the glasses from slipping when active....a major plus on acrylic frames and other frames as well. If you want an unobtrusive well made retainer with a lifetime warranty and peace of mind for your glasses then you have arrived at an excellent choice."


"I have gotten scratches on the lenses of my last 3 pairs of glasses dropping them on the sandpaper-like floor at work. I started using traditional glasses retainers that are long and annoying because they kept getting caught between my back and the couch or car seat. I have these adjusted perfectly so that I can take my glasses off and have them comfortably hanging around my neck. Love them!"

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