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Brand Ambassador Perks

  • Brand Ambassadors will receive 15% commissions of the actual selling price every time their personal code is used.
  • Our top ambassadors earn serious cash simply by sharing their promo code on social media platforms.
  • We treat our Ambassadors as VIP so they get crazy deals and exclusive offers on our products.
  • Receive early notice about newly launched products.
  • Discounts for your friends and family.
  • Social Media Exposure! We will post your selfies in our social media platform and give you a shout out if you'd like!

Apply To Our Ambassador Program!

Selecetd ambassadors will get exclusive discounts, be listed in all our giveaways auto-matically, and have a chance to earn some serious cash with a 15% commission on all sales generated through a customized promo code.
We can see which sales came true your code using a third party tracking tool that makes sure you get paid. If selected, all you have to do is purchase any item and you will get all the perks for being part of our team!