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A Higher Standard That Gets It Right

Posted on July 12 2019

A Higher Standard That Gets It Right

Typical sunglass straps can crimp down on your head or hang loosely down the back of your neck all day long. This can feel uncomfortable, and even annoying. Luxe Performance straps are changing the game and setting a higher standard. We make our straps light, durable, fashionable and easily adjustable in order to make them the perfect fit for you.

With each Luxe Performance strap, you'll find they're easy to use with quick adjustments. Somedays you may want your sunglasses on tight and snug as you tear across the water. Other days you may want to take a break, pull them down, and go for a walk or step into a business. No matter the situation, with Luxe Performance straps you can adjust them with ease just the way you need them in a matter of seconds. No hassles. No snags. No worries.

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  • Claude Newman: June 17, 2020

    Please help me out on how to use the QR code to register my glass straps

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