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Live in the Moment with No Worries

Posted on July 12 2019

Live in the Moment with No Worries

We get it, you've lost more sunglasses than the years you've been alive, it happens to us all. This is why we started Luxe Performance. We wanted to provide not only the solution to the black hole of sunglasses...but a stylish solution at that. 

Finally Stop Losing Sunglasses

Every single year millions of sunglasses get lost - many of them quite expensive and deeply loved. But now it doesn’t have to happen to you, thanks to Luxe Performance sunglass straps, our #1 mission is to ensure that your own sunglasses don’t become another statistic in a sea of lost and damaged sunglasses.

No More Losses or Dings To Your Bank Account

There’s nothing worse than having your favorite pair of sunglasses fall off and get smashed, quickly washed away into a vast ocean of water, or left behind in a place of business. Not only can this type of loss be frustrating, but it can also put a dent in your bank account when you have to buy a new pair of sunglasses. With Luxe Performance straps, we’ve made it easier than ever to help guard against these kinds of losses, so they never happen to you again.

Looks Amazing, Works Even Better

While people all across the world lose their favorite pairs of sunglasses to lakes, oceans, rivers, ponds or other unique events…we believe in saving yours. Luxe Performance sunglass straps not only look downright amazing, but they offer superior and reliable performance to keep your sunglasses intact no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.


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