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How to: Uses of your Luxe Performance Cable Strap

Posted on August 10 2021

How to: Uses of your Luxe Performance Cable Strap

When you see any kind of strap accessory for sunglasses, we all immediately think of our grandma’s old beaded strap for her readers. Well, we’re here to change the game for sunglass straps offering a state-of-the-art modern design with adjustable straps that will work for everyone! Now when you’re looking at our cable straps on our website, the mechanics may seem a little confusing, but that’s why we’re here to give you a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to use your Luxe Performance Cable Strap. 

How to put it on and take it off

When you receive your Luxe Performance Cable Strap you’ll notice it has two ends that have a hole in them, these are the temple grips and then two little ovals on the straps for adjustment purposes. In the end, pieces are where you put your sunglasses temple, gently ease the temple grip over the end of your temple. The rubber material keeps your eyewear in place no matter what activity you’re doing. When you’re ready to take your cable strap off, you just pinch the end of the temple grips and they should slide right off! Our Luxe Performance Cable Straps are easy to use and versatile enough for you to use in everyday life, and while on wonderful adventures. 

Personalized fit for you

All styles of our cable straps are customizable in size, because of the easy-to-use adjusters included in every cable strap. We offer two different sizes and right now we have four different styles, and we’re always working on more styles to release. When you put your cable strap on your eyewear you can pinch the adjusters, adorned with the design of your choice, and pull in or out to get your strap to the right length to fit nice and snug to you! Although we only have two different sizes, the adjusters are a [art of every cable strap, so they’re all adjustable to you!

When and where to use your Luxe Performance Cable Strap

Here at Luxe Performance, we want to encourage travel and adventure! That’s why we made a strap that is sleek, comfortable, and works for all types of activity, whether that’s fishing in the middle of the ocean, hiking up a mountain, or even at work! That’s right you can use your cable strap at work, we have many surgeons and nurses reach out to us saying they love using their Luxe Performance Cable Strap while on the job! You might want to consider one if you work in an active job like plumbing or construction. You won't have to worry about your glasses falling off anymore, the secure sports grip our cable strap offers will change your adventures for the better! We definitely have something for everyone, so check our cable straps, and don’t forget to leave us a review! 


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