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Hiking with your Luxe Performance Cable Strap

Posted on August 26 2021

Hiking with your Luxe Performance Cable Strap

Adventure is what we do, our Luxe Performance Cable Straps make adventure comfortable while doing all kinds of activities like fishing, boating, and even hiking!

Cable Straps and Hiking

When you’re up in the mountains in the middle of a hike trying to appreciate all of the beautiful scenery, the last thing you want is to have to squint the entire time! We know you don’t want to lose your favorite sunglasses in the middle of a trial, and that’s why we made our Luxe Performance Cable Straps with an innovative sports grip so you never have to worry about losing your sunglasses again. Our cable straps are compatible with most eyewear frames, whether they’re sunglasses or prescription glasses, you’ll never lose them again!

Where to take your cable straps on your next adventure

Let’s go over some hiking trails all over the united states that would be the perfect place to make use of your Luxe Performance Cable Straps! Never spend another hike worrying about your glasses falling off, we want to give you the experience of carefree adventure!

Blueberry Mountain - Maine, U.S.

If you’re in or plan on traveling to the northeast United States don’t forget to check out Maine! With so much beautiful scenery, from the rocky coastlines to the mountain peaks there is sure to be a spot in Maine that will take your breath away! Blueberry Mountain is a popular beginners day hike in Maine with an easy 2.4-mile trail that takes you through a mountain path where you can enjoy sweeping views of Maine scenery and more! When at Blueberry Mountain many people love to pick, eat, and collect blueberries which Maine is especially known for.

Providence Canyon - Georgia, U.S.

Going south, if you find yourself in Georgia you might consider taking a day trip down to Providence Canyon State Park! Providence Canyon offers a 2.5-mile trail for those beginners who want to explore the sights without too much strenuous activity, as well as a 7-mile backpacking loop for those more experienced hikers! Often called Georgia's Little Grand Canyon, the canyon is reminiscent of the canyons in the west, which is quite off to see in the deep south. This canyon is a testament to how much influence humans have over land as this canyon is the result of poor farming practices from 200 years ago!

Saint Mary’s Glacier - Colorado, U.S.

Colorado is known for its beautiful hiking trails that lead to amazing views, and Saint Mary’s Glacier definitely doesn’t disappoint! Just a 2.4-mile hike up to the glacier, but watch your step because the hike can be a bit slippery. The trail can be described as out and back, and about half an hour in you come to a beautiful lake, where some people even swim! If you keep going up to the glacier you’ll be privy to the sweeping Colorado landscape! This place is truly interesting with swimming at the lake and skiing on the mountains around! 

Saint Mary's Glacier, Idaho Springs, Colorado, U.S.

Black Elk Peak - South Dakota, U.S.

If you are from the mid-west and just need a change in elevation consider taking a trip to South Dakota to visit Black Elk Peak. Just 3.7 miles southwest of Mount Rushmore, Black Elk Peak is the highest natural peak in South Dakota. In fact, it is the highest point between the Rocky Mountains and the Pyrenees Mountains in France. Many people begin their hike at Sylvan Lake, this trail is a 7mile round trip. You start the hike at the base of a beautiful lake and hike up pine forest switchbacks to get to the peak which offers sweeping views that seem to go on forever. If you want to avoid some of the crowd it is a great hike to go on early in the morning and watch the sunrise over Black Elk Peak. 

West Valley Loop Trail - California, U.S.

Sometimes, we all just want to go on a hike where you can enjoy the nature around you, and not worry about big crowds. If you are planning a trip to Yosemite National Park you might want to consider the West Valley Loop Trail. The companion to the East Valley loop Trail which is much more popular and busy, the West Valley Loop Trail is a relatively flat 6.5-mile hike. The ground view gives you a beautiful perspective on some of the sights you pass like El Capitan, Sentinel Rock, and Cathedral Rock. The trail goes alongside a river, so you know you’re at the base of all these beautiful natural rock formations!

Summerland Trail - Washington, U.S.

Everybody knows that Washington boasts some of the most beautiful views and awesome hiking trails that the U.S. has to offer. One of the more popular trails has to be Summerland Trail at Mount Rainier National Park. Summerland Trail is an 8.4-mile round trip that is quite busy, but the views make it worth the fuss! While hiking the trail you appreciate wonderful views of wildflower meadows and the snowy mountain peaks of Mount Rainier! 

What adventure will you take your Luxe Performance Cable Strap on next? Send us photos or leave a review so we can hear all about your adventures!


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