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New and Improved, Luxe Performance Cable Strap 2.0

Posted on September 14 2021

New and Improved, Luxe Performance Cable Strap 2.0

Luxe Performance Cable straps have recently been redesigned to better fit the adventure lifestyles of you, our loyal customers! 

Different Lengths

We now offer different cable lengths, making sure that you can get the right Luxe Performance Cable strap for you! Not everyone is the same size and that is why we’ve launched our 16-inch cable straps. We know the 14-inch cable strap isn’t for everyone, some people prefer a looser fit, and that’s why we’re always working on bringing our customers a top-of-the-line product! We’re always working to improve and adapt, that’s why we always love feedback in the form of customer reviews and pictures! We love seeing the adventures you take your Luxe Performance Cable Strap on!


In terms of durability, our new style of cable strap is one of the best! Our temple grips offer a unique style and durable design! With a strong sports grip, you’ll never have to worry about losing your sunglasses again, and you can focus on the adventure in front of you! Made with high-quality silicone our cable straps will hold up to the test of time. The temple grips made of silicone create a suction-like grip on the temples of your sunglasses when you attach them. This grip is the cheapest insurance policy you’ll ever purchase! The high tension cable adjusters, also made of high-quality silicone contribute to the sports grip that Luxe Performance Cable Straps are known for! 

Multiples Designs

We like having options to choose from, and so do our customers! That’s why we offer a few different styles of Luxe Performance Cable Straps. The high tension adjusters come in three different styles, our Luxe Performance logo, a tuna fish for you fishing enthusiasts, and a palm tree for the beach bodies! We are always working on new designs to bring to our customers, so keep your eye out for new Luxe Performance Cable Strap designs! The Luxe Performance Logo style comes in two colors, the standard black, and clear if you’re someone who wants something with a bit more subtlety! 


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