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Testimonials and Reviews

Posted on October 07 2021

Testimonials and Reviews

Here at Luxe Performance, we want all the customer feedback that you’ll give us, we love seeing your photos and hearing what you think of our products! Don’t be shy, let us know what you think about our sunglass cable straps!

Customer Feedback

We love hearing from our customers, knowing you’re loving and using our product is one of the best feelings! The more detailed the better! We know that reading product reviews is something that can make or break the decision to buy a product, that’s why we proudly show off our customer reviews on the homepage of our website! If you’re concerned about the length of the Luxe Performance Cable straps take a look at Anna Som’s review “it secures snuggly to the head when you need it tight, and when loose the overall length is short enough that the slack cable is never bouncing around, bothering your neck or getting in the way.” And they’re right, the sleek slim design of our Luxe Performance Cable traps is meant to be comfortable and practical. Adjustable glasses retainers are our specialty, like we always say, our sunglass straps are the cheapest insurance policy you’ll ever buy! Our lifetime Luxe warranty ensures that your sunglasses will always be protected! 

New Adventures

We want to see you take your luxe performance straps on lots of new and fun adventures! When you’re on the lake with a jet ski you don’t want to worry about your sunglasses falling off, and you also don’t want to be uncomfortable the entire time! Traditional sunglass straps are adjustable and tend to be bulky and uncomfortable. That’s why people love Luxe Performance Cable Straps take it from MellyM saying “lightweight to the point they are scarcely noticeable” and “the rubber attachment points provide a cushion between eyeglass legs and your ears for added comfort.” You heard it here first. Our cable straps are subtle and comfortable, just what you want to hold your sunglasses in place on your newest adventure! 

Comfortable, practical, and stylish take a look at our new America sunglasses strap! Don’t hesitate, head over to our shop page and purchase yourself, or someone who you know loves adventure a Luxe performance Cable strap today! And make sure to leave us a review, we love hearing from all of our customers!


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