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The Season of Gifting with Luxe Performance

Posted on December 20 2021

The Season of Gifting with Luxe Performance

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that one friend who is full of adventure? Maybe for the sunglass lover who couldn’t possibly need another pair? Take a look at all of the eyewear accessories we have to offer!

Luxe Performance Cable Straps

If you or someone you know has made a habit of losing their sunglasses then take a look at our Cable Straps! Coming in a variety of colors including black, clear, and white! We are always working to bring our loyal customers new designs! We also have a USA design for that one friend who is extra patriotic. Every color strap comes in two sizes, 14 inches, and 16 inches. Each strap is adjustable so you can move it to be as loose or snug as you like! Our straps are made of high-quality materials guaranteed to last through every adventure you put them through. The silicone temple grips will keep your sunglasses secure on your head, ensuring that even if you're hiking, biking, or boating your sunglasses, or even prescription glasses stay secure!

Luxe Performance Kids Floaters

If you’re tired of your child constantly dropping or losing their glasses then check out our Kids Floaters. They’re the kid-friendly version of our cable straps, a little softer if you will! Just like our cable straps, Kids Floaters are adjustable to ensure a great fit. The silicone temple grips keep a secure hold on any pair of glasses that fits into them. Coming in six colors, these straps are suitable for all kinds of sports and activities!

Luxe Performance Cleaning Cloth and Spray

We want to be able to solve all of your eyewear issues! That includes having access to the proper cleaning products. We have three different cleaning cloths, the Luxe Performance cloth, the Big Tuna cloth, and the Palm Tree cloth. These cloths are safe to use on your glasses frames and lenses, the microfiber doesn't hold dust and debris so it's perfect for cleaning glasses! We also have two different cleaning sprays, our Luxe Performance cleaning spray and our iGel cleaner specially formulated for lenses that are extra dirty! iGel clings onto any dust, dirt, and debris on the lenses and the microfiber cloth safely cleans it away!


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