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Adventure: Never Lose Your Sunglasses Again

Posted on April 24 2022

Adventure: Never Lose Your Sunglasses Again

Luxe Performance Cable Straps are the sunglass straps for every adventure

Luxe Performance Cable Straps are sunglass straps for any adventure. And we weren't kidding about the "adventure" part. We've traveled all around with our Luxe Performance Cable Straps, and you can too! The straps are designed to last and work with most sunglasses, so they'll pass your adventure test of being attached to your face while traveling down treacherous mountain roads in Nepal, tripping on rocks in the Grand Canyon's national park, or walking through an ancient city in Guatemala.

Getting back on our trip topic here, after years of sunglasses falling off all over the world, we wanted something that would do more than just look pretty on your face. That's when we decided to make a sunglass strap that was rugged and durable enough for an active lifestyle like ours—without being too bulky or heavy (you know how those things are). For us, what made a Luxe Performance Cable Strap different from other ones was its unique design: starting with the temple grips made from durable silicone with a sports grip ensuring your sunglasses never come off your strap, then the cables themselves are durable, flexible, and adjustable. We found this design allowed us to move freely while wearing it without kicking glasses across the room or having them swing freely across our faces like pendulums.

It has a lightweight, durable cable that securely fits into any lifestyle sunglasses

Luxe Performance Cable Straps are available in several styles, and they’re suitable for all kinds of active adventures. They’re made of strong, flexible cable that securely fits into any lifestyle sunglasses. But Luxe Performance Cable Straps are also comfortable to wear and light enough that you won’t even notice them on your face or around your head until you need them.

Luxe Performance also offers other sunglass accessories to keep your sunglasses in tip-top shape! We have our exclusive iGel cleaning spray, great for your sunglasses that see a lot of action. iGel is sure to get all of the dirt, sweat, oils, and grime off of your favorite sunglasses with the help of our microfiber cleaning cloths. Our microfiber cleaning cloths come in three styles the Luxe Performance Logo, the Palm Tree, and the Tuna design. We want to make sure you have all the sunglass accessories you need for your next adventure!

Cable straps are available in 7 different styles.

Cable straps: If you have a habit of leaving your sunglasses behind when you go out, these cable straps with a sports grip silicone grips will keep them attached to you. They are made of durable, lightweight material and come in seven different styles each with two adjustable size options, 14’ and 16’.

The Luxe Performance Cable Straps are a multi-functional accessory for your glasses

The Luxe Performance Cable Straps are a multi-functional accessory for your glasses. The strap itself is made from lightweight, durable cable and attaches to any pair of sunglasses via adjustable silicone grips. It features adjustable straps so you may choose if you want a more relaxed or secure fit depending on your adventure. The Cable Strap comes in many different styles including our Luxe Performance logo.


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