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  • PERFECT cleaning spray for on the go. Keep one in your purse, center console, night stand, office desk, camera bag, and so many other places. Conveniently sized to be able to fit anywhere you need it to be.
  • MULTIPURPOSE. This cleaning spray can be used on eyeglasses, sunglasses, prescription lenses, camera lenses, iPhones, iPads, tablets, TV screens, computer screen, smartphones, screens, and so many more. Able to use on multiple surfaces which makes it a great product with multiple uses.
  • SAFE. It is safe to use on eyeglasses that have anti-reflective treatments, coatings, blue light, prescription, reading lenses, polarized, mirrored, and more.
  • GREAT result when cleaning multiple surfaces. Streak free lenses and screens when you use. Luxe Performance Cleaning Spray does not leave any streaks, film, or smudges. Resulting in the crystal clear screens and lenses that need to tackle the day. Works effectively at cleaning off dirt and grim off several surfaces. Fragrance free so there is no odd smells left behind.

Luxe Performance

Luxe Cleaning Spray

$5.99 USD