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  • 12 Pairs of Luxe Performance Ear Hooks - 24 total ear hooks
  • Anti-slip: Silicone temple tip grip ear hooks help secure your eyewear in place. Keep your glasses in place all day no matter the adventure. Great for everyday use.
  • Lightweight: Silicon glasses ear hook that is simple and lightweight. Simple to install and comfortable you will forget they are installed on the temples of your eyewear.
  • Useful: Glasses ear grip hooks can be used on multiple types of eyewear. Sunglasses, eyeglasses, safety glasses, and all eyewear can utilize the eyewear holders to keep them secure.
  • Quality: Durable anti slip eyeglass holder that allows eyewear to stay in place. If your glasses are constantly slipping down this glasses retainer will help solve that issue.
  • Durability: A lot of eyeglasses ear grips are thin and not durable. These silicone eyewear retainer will last and be able to be reused multiple times.

Luxe Performance

Luxe Performance Ear Hooks

$8.99 USD